Levi's 514 Stretch Slim Straight Men Jeans - Black 005144406

Levi's 514 Stretch Slim Straight Men Jeans - Black 005144406
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Levi's 514 Stretch Slim Straight Men Jeans - Black 005144406

Levi's Slim Straight 514 is one of the slimmest fits that is available in an attractive and versatile medium wash. Levi's has included a signature leather patch on the back right waistband, and a small Levi's logo tag is sewn on the back right pocket.

  • One of Levi's slimmest fits for men Brass hardware Zipper and button closure Leg opening: 17 inches

  • Stretch, sits just below the waist, Two back pockets display Levi's signature embroidery in contrast stitching

  • 99% Cotton and 1% Spandex

  • 12.3 oz., smaller hidden pocket on the right side, Zipper and button closure

  • Straght leg, two front brass stud accented scoop pockets



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Package Length: 15.0 inches
Package Width: 13.0 inches
Package Height: 2.0 inches
Package Weight: 2.0 pounds
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Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 2203 customer reviews )
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376 of 401 found the following review helpful:

5Like low rise 501's....  Oct 09, 2009
By Mike "mike463"
...without the buttons. If you're looking to bolster your jean wardrobe with some slimmer fit low rise styles but afraid you're gonna come off looking like some Goth-punk rock-star wannabe who's so skinny they disappear when turning sideways ...relax ...those would be the "Skinny Fit" 517's not these. **Since this review was written the 517 is defunct, replaced by the Levis 511 Skinny and 510 super skinny fit jeans.** And if you're looking for some jeans that *don't* have "Relaxed", "Loose" or "Baggy" as part of their style moniker then these are the ones to get.

I would call these "sensibly-stylish-low-rise-jeans-for-the-more-mature-taste-crowd" ..."mature" in this case definitely *not* referring to beer belly and severe love handle embellished body types; consider these a goal for that weight loss or exercise program. They are also not the strict domain of the anorexic male model body type either; regular, non-gut bearing guys in halfway decent condition can wear these no problemo ...and look good. The waist sits lower than regular fit jeans but not radically so, they're sort of a mid rise one's gonna be graced with viewing your choice of undergear or given a rendition of SNL's "Norge Man" routine when you bend over.

No matter your views regarding the modern day Levi Strauss Company, they *do* know how to make blue jeans that fit, are stylish and reasonably priced; the quality is still there. The 514's are called "Slim Straight fit" ...forget the "slim" part of it; they fit like Levi's 501's in the seat, thigh and legs with the leg openings the same size as 501's."Straight" refers to the fact the legs are not tapered. I purchased a pair of 501's at the same time I bought the two pair of 514's so I had real time comparisons. The crotch on the 514 feels slightly higher than the 501's, but nothing radical or uncomfortable, and the cut of the jeans does help flatter the male anatomy ...your results may vary. If ya look good in 501's you'll probably look just as good, maybe better, in 514's.

Sizing of the jeans is a bit different; my usual 33x32 501 size translated into a 33x30 for the 514's because they sit lower ...more on the hips than waist. Shrinkage was not a problem in the waist (these were pre-washed) and the legs shrunk just a bit making them perfect in length for my taste. The only thing making these jeans better would be knowing they were proudly made here in the US of A they used to be. My 514's were made in Egypt and Bangladesh ...hooray for the global economy. Okay, so much for the soapbox.

Do not fear the 514. In short, they fit great, feel comfortable and look good. Just like 501's without buttons.

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3The good and the bad  Dec 09, 2009
By Gladhands
The first thing you should know is that the fit varies by wash. The tumbled rigid is significantly tighter than the carbon.

If you have athletic thighs/glutes, these may not be for you. I'm 6'5" with a (less muscled) NBA-type build, so these aren't the complaints of a stocky muscle-head or a fat man trying to squeeze himself into skinny jeans. The rise is pretty low, so if you have a "high" butt, your crack or underwear will show. Pulling them up a little higher to compensate may put your "work" on full display. This isn't as much or a problem with the carbon (which I love)as it is with the tumbled rigid. Both washes may be a little tight in the front, so modesty may dictate a little creative tucking at first, but they will loosen up over time.

Overall, I recommend them, however caveat emptor.

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5Wow...  Jan 26, 2012
By Sara W.
Took a chance on ordering some more stylish-looking jeans for my husband (I can't get him into a store - he hates shopping), and these are just fabulous! Highly recommended, and don't worry - the sizing is generous/reasonable. I was a bit worried, because sometimes Levi's jeans don't fit all too well (at least on me), but these are just amazing - a must try item, in my opinion. The wash (Overhaul) was just perfect - a teensy bit of slight fading, but without looking too distressed, blingy or "trying too hard." Very stylish and still classy. These look like expensive designer jeans, and are extremely flattering on. My husband looks like a million bucks in these jeans, and I'm so glad I ordered them.

These jeans will look good on if you're 17 or 79, if you're on the slim side or on the plump side - doesn't matter - these are the jeans you want to get. I'll definitely be ordering more.

In terms of fit/sizing - I will say that you can comfortably go with your "size" without worrying that these will be too small. If anything, they are a little bit more generously sized than other brands, but this does *not* mean they look baggy or outdated. They are slim fitting but without being too small. Hard to explain - but the cut of these jeans are very fashion-forward, and yet you're not dealing with baggy pants or super skinny pants. They're just perfect.

Must-get jeans, and they will work for any size, any age. Super stylish, not too skinny and not too loose.

I've been buying stuff online from Amazon for years, and these jeans are so good that I'm actually writing a review. Really good service from Amazon, and these jeans are just fabulous - I'd highly recommend them to just about everyone - no matter what your size or age - they're that good. Bonus points for being able to order the inseam you want instead of dealing with designer jeans that are too long and have to be professionally hemmed.

Definitely try them. Will work for just about everyone - they aren't too baggy and they aren't too skinny - but still super-stylish looking. They aren't too "blingy" either. Just fabulous actually, and it doesn't matter if you're a college student or a retiree, if you're slim or or not-so-slim - they look great. Not sure about the difference between all the various washes available, but the Overhaul wash is a good one, if you're going to try these.

30 of 34 found the following review helpful:

5Five Stars  Oct 03, 2014
By David R.
Fits perfect and a great price through Amazon.

15 of 16 found the following review helpful:

1Warning- read before ordering Indigo Wash!  Nov 29, 2011
By M. Bayless
I order a pair of the Indigo Wash on Oct. 10 and noticed a problem with them on Nov. 27. There are small holes developing in several locations in the seat of the jean after maybe five uses! I have not been rough in the least with these pants. I contacted Amazon (Nov. 29) and they said I could not return them as they are past the 30 day window from when I originally placed my order. Amazon said I must contact Levi Strauss (thanks for the great return policy) so I did. The customer assistant was polite and helped in a way. To return these to Levi Strauss I must pay for shipping which I will not be reimbursed for (even if found to defective!) and if a Levi's specialist "determines" that indeed may pair of 514's is defective they will replace them- the process takes between 6-8 business weeks!!! The funny thing is I bought these because it had been years since I'd worn Levis and thought I give them a try plus the price was very nice at around $35.00. Well I guess I will find out in a few months whether or not these are a good value- seriously 6-8 business weeks!!! Thank you Amazon and Levis.

Update 12/12********************************

I spoke with an Amazon rep again regarding the jeans and they allowed me to return the jeans and fully refunded my money- I picked up the shipping though. Thank you Amazon!

I should note that I do have another pair of the 514 (Dirty Ridged) and they are great but the denim is not as soft as the Indigo Wash.

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